WILO SE is a leading manufacturer in the field of pumps and pumping systems for heating, air conditioning, cooling, water supply and wastewater treatment.

    Dreno Pumps is a company that designs and manufactures submersible pumps and mixers, as well as accessories necessary for the installation of wastewater pumping equipment. In the 25 years since the company's founding, it has continuously improved its quality and diversified its range of products so that Dreno products are now successfully used in residential, municipal and industrial applications.

    PM Technology is a submersible engine manufacturing company founded in 2008 in Italy, based on 30 years of experience of the founder and the most modern manufacturing technologies.

    By offering the full range of pumping equipment, Ebitt is a manufacturer and trader who has managed to establish itself as a trustworthy supplier and develop partnerships in more than 30 countries.

    In industrial waste water treatment applications, Biyosis adopts an optimization approach to the system. This integral approach, supported by the knowledge and experience accumulation, allows for an optimal solution in terms of parameters such as treatment efficiency, investment and exploitation costs and land use.

    Elentek is a manufacturer of electric, electronic and electromechanical equipment whose flexible, differentiated and dynamic structure allows it to deliver products for the specific needs of the customer seeking optimal technical solutions at the best price with high quality components and materials. The design department keeps the company at a high level, offering products that work on technology solutions to propose innovative systems in accordance with national and international regulations.