Our offer covers a wide range of areas for which the technical department provides free consultancy:

  • sewage systems for waste water disposal;
  • drinking water systems (fountains, tanks or wells), irrigation and sprinkling, rainwater utilization;
  • air conditioning systems, solar systems, underfloor heating, cooling circuits;
  • pressure lifting systems;
  • anti-fire systems.

Equipment installation is carried out by authorized service personnel at the highest quality standards.

Putting the product into operation/Pump starting is just one step in the evolution of a relationship based on trust and professionalism.

During product use, we provide warranty and post-warranty service as well as maintenance services.

Hidrosud Company is an authorized WILO partner for both the sale and the service of the German manufacturer’s electro-pumps.

Sales Consultancy

Our sales engineers offer specialized consultancy for choosing the best solution for you.

We share our experience in order the result to be a long-term advantage for you.

The partnerships with design and consulting firms make your equipment a sustainable solution from the start.

Pumping Equipment and Pump Systems Installation

Through authorized service personnel, we install the equipment we sell and we integrate it into existing systems.

Pumping Equipment Assembly

Hidrosud makes the pumping equipment assembly and on-site training of maintenance personnel.

Field Findings / interventions during the warranty period

Hidrosud specialists evaluate systems for early detection of malfunctions and, in the event of their occurrence, they analyze failures and damage by performing replacement parts and complex repairs.

Maintenance services

Our experience helps us to prepare maintenance programs for equipment, to carry out revisions and maintenance operations of professional pumps by providing original spare parts.

Energy optimization of pumping systems

As continuous improvement and upgrading represent the guarantee of success and the equipment performance improves, Hidrosud makes automation systems to increase the efficiency and lifespan of pumps, as well as energy consultancy for pumps and pump systems.